About us

India Startup 360 (IS360) is an earnest effort to bring budding Startup initiatives across India under one roof and create an ecosystem which will nurture them and ensure they succeed in their effort. Industry leaders from various Domain have joined hands in this Mission and have pledged their support to ensure 100% success of this effort. COVID-19 not only derailed the Global economy & shattered many Business dreams but also has opened many avenues.

Work from Home culture has given hope to many salaried class people, especially those who were deprived of their handsome salary. Companies resorted to cost cutting methods at either terminated high salary brackets or cut short the salary to 25 – 30% of original salary.

Accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle people were clueless for some time and started looking for sources of additional income. Best option in everybody’s mind is to look for a low budget startup. Maybe a Home Business?

But the predominant are –‘To be or not to be

” Will it be a Success? How can I get a supporting hand? Can I get a God Father as my Mentor? How to establish my Business? How to Promote my Business?” and so on…

There are many unanswered questions than a positive answer. 

A team of established Business tycoons, experienced Consultants, group of Think Tanks from Service Industry & many Self-help groups decided to form this Ecosystem which will not only find an answer to these questions but also create tools to accomplish this task. They decided to be Mentors of their field of expertise and offer an Online Incubation for a reasonable number of days.

For a complete list of Mentors click here.