International AI Summit & Expo 2021

(IS360’s Global impact of AI)

23rd to 25th July 2021

International Artificial Intelligence Summit and Expo 2021

(Call for Paper)

23rd to 24th July 2021

AgriTech Expo 2021

A three-day exhibition-cum-conference on agriculture  

13th to 15th Aug 2021


IS360 Startup Expo 2020

(International Virtual summit of GOPIO)

18th to 24th Dec 2020

National Conference On Innovations in Engineering & Management - NCIEM 2021

2nd to 3rd April 2021

IS360 Startup Expo 2021

(Yuva Startups)

7th to 9th May 2021

International Conference to Build & Nurture Sustainable Communities to Strengthen Startup Ecosystem

12th June 2021