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start date 15/12/2022
map icon Online Virtual Event

Startup Expo 2022! Celebrating Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav!

Startup Expo 2022! Celebrating Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav!

Celebrating Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav!

People, Culture & Achievements!


The IS360 Startup  ecosystem is changing space across India. The urge to create impactful startups that can find solutions to various pain points  in society and industry due to the heavy dent caused by COVID. The Mantra  of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat initiative by the Government of India and opening the Funding system ignited a desire in many, to pick up ‘Entrepreneurship’ as a key  career path.

The International Virtual  event which is aimed at bringing the minds of Budding Business owners together to reach the same strategic goal. IS360 Startup Expo is ranked within the top 10 Virtual Events in India.


About This Event:

India Startup 360’s IS360 Startups Expo 2022 is an earnest attempt to find a quick solution to this. Starting from 15th September, this three days Virtual Expo creates the right environment to the Startups to:-

  • Enhance the Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • Showcase their capabilities digitally and interact with fellow Entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Meet the Investors face to face and discuss their Business Idea.
  • Choose a Mentor who can help the business growth to become a ‘Unicorn’


  • Public motivational speech from Eminent Industry Leaders!
  • Opportunity for a meet and greet session with the top business men and women
  • Global Entrepreneurs invade the Stage!
  • Budding MSMEs and SMEs to get Finance opportunities
  • MSME Expedition
  • EV Gala Show
  • Agri Gala Show
  • Supply Chain Opportunities
  • Women Entrepreneurs Gala Show

This event will showcase the spread and depth of entrepreneurship across India. Will have sessions on a range of topics such as Enhancing Market Access Opportunities, Discussions with Industry leaders, Best Practices by States, Capacity Building of Enablers, Reverse Pitching by Incubators, Technology Exhibitions and  Corporate Connects.

The programme is expected to bring together top policy makers, industry, academia, investors, startups, and all ecosystem enablers from across the globe!.

Benefits of Participants:

While Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) can help Entrepreneurs get Bank Finance upto 25.0 Lakhs, help Startups with higher ticket size fund requirement raise funds Globally from Angel Investors. IS360 has a panel of highly experienced Mentors from various Business Verticals. Many Incubation Centers who utilise the Services of IS360 Ecosystem will participate actively in this Startup Expo.

Important Dates:

  • Registration Started from 10th October 2022
  • Last date of Registration – 10th December 2022
  • Last date for receipt of Digital Collateral – 12th December 2022
  • Dry Run and Instructions to Participants – 13th December 2022
  • Expo Dates (Time: 4.00 PM IST) – 15th December to 17th December 2022.


  • Registration for attendees
  • Welcome address and introduction to the day's events

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Keynote speech on the future of technology in agriculture and artificial intelligence
  • Setting the tone for the day's activities

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Formal launch ceremony for Farming As A Service
  • Presentation by AA Millet Foods on the significance and impact
  • Q&A session with representatives from AA Millet Foods

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Networking opportunities for attendees
  • Explore the Startup Expo booths

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • One to one discussion with industry experts on the impact of AI in agriculture
  • Insights into AI Maturity Model by IS360 Technologies and Services
  • Interactive Q&A session with the audience

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Networking lunch for all attendees
  • Informal interactions and discussions

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Introduction to the fundraising session
  • Pitches from startups seeking investment
  • Potential investors share insights and interests
  • Networking opportunities for startups and investors

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Recognition of outstanding startups and contributors
  • Closing remarks and Thanksgiving
  • Invitation to future events and programs

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Informal networking with refreshments
  • Celebration of successful collaborations and partnerships

Offline - Hotel Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai

  • Introduction to AI maturity models
  • Importance of assessing AI maturity
  • Overview of different AI maturity frameworks
  • Case studies of organisations with mature AI implementations

  • Overview of the key components of AI maturity models
  • Data readiness and quality
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Organisational culture and talent
  • Regulatory and ethical considerations

  • Importance of quality data in AI
  • Data collection, cleaning, and management
  • Case studies on effective data utilisation

  • Technology infrastructure for AI
  • Skill development and training for AI teams
  • Implementing AI projects and applications
  • Hands-on exercises and group discussions

  • Networking opportunities with mentors and other participants
  • Overview of future trends in AI maturity models
  • Information on longer programs, workshops, and AI support opportunities

  • Introduction to contemporary challenges in agriculture.
  • Importance of technology in addressing agricultural issues.
  • Trends in precision farming and digitization.

  • Understanding precision agriculture
  • Role of sensors and IoT in precision farming
  • Drones and satellite technology in agriculture
  • Case studies of successful precision farming practices

  • Introduction to Farming as a Service (FaaS)
  • Overview of digital agriculture platforms
  • Cloud-based farm management systems
  • Integrating data analytics for decision-making

  • Practical demonstration of agricultural apps
  • Participants engage in hands-on exercises
  • Q&A and troubleshooting session

  • Networking opportunities with mentors and other participants
  • Overview of future trends in agriculture technology
  • Information on longer programs, incubation, and support opportunities

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  • Date : 15 Dec 2022 - 17 Dec 2022
  • Time : 4:00 pm (UTC+5.5)
  • Venue : Online Virtual Event

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  • start date Start Date: 15 Dec 2022
  • Event Venue Event Venue: Online Virtual Event
  • Organizer Organizer: IS360 Technologies And Services Pvt Ltd
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  • Email Email: [email protected]
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