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Agriculture Value Chain Expo & Conference (IS360 AVCC) 2022

Agriculture Value Chain Expo & Conference (IS360 AVCC) 2022


According to Mckinsey report,  Harvesting golden opportunities in Indian agriculture: From food security to farmers income security by 2025, Agriculture employs around 58% of the population contributing significantly to the Indian economy and accounting for 13% of total exports from the country. India continues to be a major supplier in the global food basket, as it is the world’s leading producer and consumer of milk, wheat, pulses, basmati rice, spices, oil, meat, sugar, cotton and castor oil. While the COVID-19 pandemic was tough for many sectors of the Indian economy, agriculture and related operations displayed resilience. However as was the case with all other major sectors, the pandemic made it imperative for the agricultural industry to look at ways of leveraging tech innovations for sustenance and revival Under this background, India Startup360, the most applauded Startup Ecosystem now brings out the next Edition of their Virtual Expo, IS360 Agriculture Value Chain Expo & Conference (IS360 AVCC) 2022 from 8th  to 15th April 2022.


This Virtual Event will focus on Some the key challenges in the downstream of agriculture value chain like:

  • Multiple intermediaries and lack of transparency and traceability
  • Losses in the food chain
  • Trends in consumption moving towards Fruits & Vegetables and pulses
  • A large number of digital technologies have to be scaled up

The Event will also Discuss Potential disruptions that could unlock value through the food chain like:

  • Precision farming including integrating field data, weather patterns to drive agronomic advice to farmers, and yield forecasting
  • Efficient farm lending with electronic applications
  • Centralized platform integrating farmers and wholesale markets
  • IoT-based advanced analytics in manufacturing plants to improve availability, throughput, and save costs
  • Financing and crop insurance

Main Display Focus will be:

Innovative Farm equipment, financing for FPOs,  Community Infrastructure, Storage and Transportation, Digital Ecosystems for Financing and Crop Insurance, Market linkages between Farmers and Buyers, Cold-Storage, Fruits & Vegetables and pulses/Grains Processors,  Traders, Export & Import Houses, Policy Makers, Consultants, Researchers & Food Bloggers etc.. This Immersive 3D Digital Extravaganza will  try providing better access to agricultural inputs at everybody’s  doorsteps by Market linkage and  digital platform which connects farm output with customers.  We will also discuss Digital transformation of the agricultural value chain – opportunities, challenges and the role of Technology in depth through an Industry Institutions Collaboration.



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  • Date : 08 Apr 2022 - 15 Apr 2022
  • Time : 4:00 pm (UTC+5.5)
  • Venue : Online Virtual Event

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  • start date Start Date: 08 Apr 2022
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