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Assisting startups in crafting a comprehensive business plan that outlines their strategies, objectives, and financial projections.

Startup Expo 2020

India Startup360 in Collaboration with PassionIT, Pcombinator and GOPIO brought the First Edition of Startups across the Globe to showcase their capabilities, seeking Investment opportunities, Incubation facilities, Mentorship, Boot Camps and Market tie-ups.

MGM University, Auragabad was the Knowledge Partners & eCargoLog – Marketing Partners.

This Virtual event was held on

18th December to 24th December 2020.



Participaters in this International Event

Startups, Student Entrepreneurs, Researchers, NGOs, Growth Startups & Sponsor Startups participated in this International Event and took full advantage of the platform.

Malaysian Diaspora GOPIO hosted a series of lectures by eminent personalities / Industrialists from Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, and many more.

Important Dates

14th November 2020

Registration Starts for IS360 Startup Expo 2020.

30th November 2020

Last date of Registration.

7th December 2020

Last date for receipt of Digital Collateral.

11th December 2020.

Dry Run and Instructions to Participants.

18th December to 24th December 2020.

Expo Dates (Time: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM IST).

Visitors Attended

Benfits of Participation

IS360's Advanced Virtual Expo Platform is immersive 3D marvel. For Exhibitors, relatively low costs and assured ROI.